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Imabari city in Ehime Prefecture, Japan is home to a number of shipbuilders, ship owners and manufacturers dealing with marine spare parts. with marine insurance companies and ship finance banks having their branches in the area, Imabari has formed a group of companies in maritime industries, called ‘Maritime Clusters.’ 

Since Tokei Kaiun Ltd. was established in Namikata town, as a member of the maritime clusters, we have grown together with the community for over 50 years.

In ship owner business, we own large ocean-going vessels built by leading shipbuilders in Japan and abroad and let them to major charterers worldwide.

In ship management business, we ensure safe operation of our own vessels in accordance with international regulations and we are committed to performing efficient maintenance that meets our charterers’ needs.

Making the most of our geographical advantage, we, both as an asset manager and a ship manager, strive to make contributions to maritime transport industry around the world.

President, CEO
Tetsuya Hasebe


Tokei Kaiun Ltd.

219-1, Nakabori 4-chome,

Imabari Ehime, Japan


Tel   +81 898-41-6611

Fax  +81 898-41-6053

Working Hour:

Weekdays  8:30LT - 17:00LT​


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Remark: Sorry, we do not directly hire seafarers.

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